10 Best Tools for Marketing Analytics in 2023



Content marketing, rank tracking, link building, on-page SEO, content creation and distribution, content marketing analytics, paid advertising, PPC keyword research, website monetization, market analysis, social media management, and other methods help SEMrush grow a business.


Smart look

The analytical software Smart look assists businesses in analyzing the behavior of customers or visitors on their website or mobile app. You can use features like Events, Funnels, Reporting & Analytics, Heatmaps, Recordings, and Retention Tables in addition to the website and mobile app analytics it provides.



Mixpanel is a program for analysis. It aids users in integrating all of its data and understanding it to create analytics. After that, it uses data analysis to create reports.



Domo is an analytical software that securely consolidates all of your data into a single location for better insights. Data science is made accessible to its users. It makes it easier to use internal data.



The platform that assists in the creation of automated reports is AgencyAnalytics. SEO, PPC, Social, email, call tracking, review, and eCommerce reports are all included in the reports. It offers services like user access, SEO tools, automated reports, customized dashboards, white-label, and more.


Annie’s App

App Annie offers a variety of services to enhance the user experience. It solves problems in gaming, product management, marketing, growth, ad platforms, retail, strategy, and partnership, among other things. App Annie Connect, App Annie Intelligence, and App Annie Ascend are just a few of the user-enhancing features.



BuzzBoard is a marketing analytics platform that assists small and medium-sized businesses in selecting accounts to target, segmenting those accounts, giving them priority by assigning scores, and serving them content by those scores.



Through its various data drive solutions—data intelligence, insight engine, activation engine, an app marketplace, integration with Tableau, and media impact—Datora makes the most of your data.



Funnel.io is a marketing analytics software that helps businesses analyze their data by preparing it for analysis in the form of a funnel or categorizing it so that it can be used in real-world situations. Retail, eCommerce, and agencies can benefit from its digital marketing, data analysis, IT/Engineering, and other solutions.


Super metrics

Super metrics is a marketing analytics tool that connects any platform you choose to market data from anywhere. whether it’s a data lake, a data warehouse, a spreadsheet, or a tool for data visualization. It aids in social media management, SEO, performance marketing, and web analytics.

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