10 Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students

Here are 10 cloud computing project ideas suitable for final year students:

Cloud-Based E-commerce Platform

Create a scalable and secure e-commerce platform hosted on a cloud infrastructure. Focus on features like user authentication, product catalog management, and secure payment processing.

Serverless Application for Data Processing

Develop a serverless application that automates data processing tasks, such as log analysis, image recognition, or data transformation. Utilize AWS Lambda or Azure Functions for cost-effective execution.

Cloud-Based Healthcare Management System

Build a cloud-hosted healthcare management system for clinics or hospitals. Include features like electronic health records (EHR), appointment scheduling, and patient billing.

Cloud-Native Mobile App

Design a mobile app that leverages cloud services for backend functions like data storage, authentication, and notifications. Explore technologies like Firebase or AWS Mobile Hub.

Cloud-Powered IoT Platform

Create an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that collects, stores, and analyzes sensor data from devices. Use cloud resources for real-time data processing and visualization.

Cloud-Based Social Networking

Develop a social networking platform hosted on the cloud, emphasizing features like user profiles, real-time messaging, and content sharing. Ensure scalability to handle a growing user base.

Serverless Chatbot

Build a chatbot using serverless functions that can provide assistance or information on various topics. Integrate it with popular messaging platforms like Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Cloud-Based Financial Management Tool

Create a personal finance management tool that allows users to track expenses, set budgets, and generate financial reports. Securely store financial data in the cloud.

Cloud-Powered Data Analytics

Design a data analytics platform that processes and visualizes large datasets using cloud resources. Consider using services like AWS Glue, Redshift, or Azure Data Factory.

Serverless Image Processing Pipeline

Develop a serverless pipeline for image processing tasks, such as resizing, cropping, or applying filters. Allow users to upload images and process them on-demand.

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