10 Hottest New Apps to Explore Immediately (September 2022)

Sometimes all we need is a helping hand to raise us to greatness. Someone to do, create or manage what we cannot or do not have the time to do. Here we come with the latest roundup of the ten most remarkable hits on ProductHunt in September 2022, according to popular demand.



Organize your ideas and projects visually

If you work with content creation such as podcasts, blog posts, videos, images, photographs, writings, or educational topics, xTiles is a fantastic addition to your tool kit.



Discover opportunities to collaborate

Polywork is a social network that aims at work collaboration amongst different professionals. This tool will help you find opportunities in many fields — not only full-time positions, but also side projects, partnership possibilities, and one-time collabs.



Live courses taught by experts

Maven is a platform focused on curating live courses taught by experts in the area, from big companies like Meta, Google, and Airbnb.



A customizable community platform

Communities have been supporting businesses for quite some time now. They can help you engage your portfolio, get direct product feedback from your clients, reduce sales cycles, and improve conversion and retention.

Arcade 2.0


The easiest way to showcase your product

Arcade 2.0 is a fantastic tool to show your product in action. Faster and easier than using a traditional video editing tool, the app allows you to demonstrate key product features with simple, interactive clips.



Open Source backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers

This platform was collectively created as a secure backend server that provides core APIs to build modern apps, with a variety of adapters for authentication, database, storage, messaging, and logging.



Instantly connect to your end-users

If you’re looking to create the best user experience for your clients, you might wanna try Jimo. This app is set to engage users with product teams, so that you can build together successful products.



No-code website builder that works like Notion

Popsy is the ultimate website builder tool for Notion addicts. No, seriously. This app was created to work just like the already familiar Notion, so customization and design can be fast and simple, with no need to dive into coding.



The next-generation document editor

Typed claims to be the next-generation app for writing. It has an amazing interface for document collaboration between team members, integration with Google Drive, and a resource library for each doc ever created.

Growth.Design Case Studies 2.0


Product tips in a comic book format

Wanna know what happens when education meets entertainment, art, and business ideas? Growth.Design Case Studies is what happens.

Those are the top 10 apps this month of September, according to most upvoted on ProductHunt.