10 useful Chrome extensions that can be used with ChatGPT

Auto Text Expander extension allows you to create text shortcuts that automatically expand into longer pieces of text. This can be useful for quickly typing out long paragraphs or frequently used phrases.

Auto Text Expander

The extension is useful in situations where you find Chat GPT content redundant.

Auto Text Expander: Features

Google Dictionary provides definitions and translations for words, making it a great tool for quickly looking up the meaning of a word.

Google Dictionary

The extension is useful in situations where you find ChatGPT text very complicated.

Google Dictionary: Features

Grammar and punctuation checker is an extension that checks for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, and offers suggestions for corrections.

Grammar and punctuation checker

The extension can be used with ChatGPT as it corrects the text grammatically.

Grammar and punctuation checker: Features

The ‘Save to Google Drive extension allows you to easily save text and documents to your Google Drive account for safekeeping and sharing.

Save to Google Drive

The extension can be used to copy and store the text from ChatGPT whenever you want to store important information.

Save to Google Drive: Other features

Grammarly checks the grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation as users type. It can be added as an extension to the respective web browser to check grammatical errors, punctuation, and others.


Grammarly checks ChatGPT, as the text in the ChatGPT window can be simultaneously checked for text errors.

Grammarly: Features

The Hemingway app analyses your text and provides suggestions for simplifying your writing and making it more clear and more concise.


Hemingway is an efficient tool for writers, as it can paraphrase simple text from ChatGPT and make it look more factual.

Hemingway: Features

Mind the Word extension checks your text for complex vocabulary, giving you the possibility to simplify it.

Mind the Word

Another grammar-checking tool, Mind the Word, checks your text for readability. As ChatGPT does not consider the readability of the text, this tool comes in very handy.

Mind the Word: Features

Thesaurus provides synonyms for words that help find the right word to express a specific idea.


Thesaurus extension can be used with ChatGPT for convenience. For example, when reading some text given by ChatGPT as a prompt, you may come across a word you are not familiar with. This is where you would use this extension.

Thesaurus: Features

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