5 hidden features of Google

we use the Google search engine and its ecosystem for many activities, from the simplest keyword searches, to asking for the best route to get to our destination, to managing photos and online files.

5 things you may not have known you could do with Google .


Explore the universe through your smartphone screen

Typing Google Sky in the search bar will open a very special screen that will show you the known universe through real images from NASA. It is a real sky map where you can see celestial bodies such as stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Moon .

Then by clicking at the top on Extend the exploration of the sky with Google Earth you will be able to observe our Planet from the sky and position the street view cursor anywhere, seeing even hard-to-reach points up close.


See any animal in your home, in Augmented Reality

Using Google search engine you can try augmented reality without leaving your home, directly in your living room. When you search, you can view some results in 3D and interact with them in AR.

Scrolling just below you can click on View in 3D, then on View in space and that's it. By aiming close to you, you will see the chosen animal appear, just as if it were in the same room, complete with sounds and small realistic movements.


Search through images

Opening Google on your browser you will see, next to the Search and the microphone, an image of a camera.

Touching it will open Google Lens, a function that will allow you to take pictures of objects, places, plants, animals and so on to instantly obtain useful information about them: what they are, where to buy them, how they work and much more.


Go on artistic and cultural trips, without getting off the couch

Through Google you can see tons of works of art, exhibits and World Heritage Sites around the world in 360 degrees, just as if you were there. A true digital access to the archives of more or less known cultural institutions.

By writing Google Arts & Culture and clicking on Explore you can choose a painting and walk inside it, as if it had 3 dimensions. In addition to artistic settings, you can immerse yourself in space, in particular historical periods or explore a part of the world that intrigues you.


Discover the day you celebrate every day

Entering the search engine, one day you will surely have seen the Google logo revisited, decorated or modified in more or less particular ways.

By clicking on the writing you can see the anniversary being celebrated: Halloween, Teacher's Day, Labor Day, Bastille Day, Pacman Day and so on.

These animations are called Doodles and are a nice way for Google to show us the anniversary of the day, honor illustrious characters or wish users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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