6 Best NodeJS tools to make you a better developer


Nodemon is a developer-friendly tool that automates the process of restarting your Node.js application whenever changes are detected in your code. This eliminates the need for manual server restarts, saving you valuable development time. Nodemon also provides useful features like monitoring file changes, ignoring specific files or directories, and supporting custom scripts. It significantly enhances the development workflow and improves productivity by enabling real-time code updates and faster iterations.


ESLint is a popular JavaScript linter that helps enforce coding standards and best practices in your Node.js projects. It identifies and reports syntax errors, potential bugs, and style inconsistencies in your codebase. ESLint supports a wide range of configurable rules and provides flexibility to customize linting rules based on your project's requirements. By integrating ESLint into your development process, you can catch errors early, ensure code consistency, and improve the overall quality of your Node.js applications.


PM2 (Process Manager 2) is a robust production-grade process manager for Node.js applications. It allows you to manage and deploy Node.js processes, ensuring high availability and automatic restarts in case of failures. PM2 provides advanced features like load balancing, log management, process monitoring, and zero-downtime deployments.


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that automatically formats your Node.js code to adhere to a consistent style. It eliminates time-consuming debates over code formatting by enforcing a standardized and consistent code style across your entire codebase. Prettier supports various programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS.


Winston is a versatile logging library for Node.js applications. It provides a flexible and configurable logging system, allowing you to capture and analyze logs effectively. Winston supports multiple logging transports, such as console, file, database, and third-party services. It also offers features like log rotation, log levels, and customizable log formats.


Node Version Manager (NVM) is a handy tool that simplifies managing multiple Node.js versions on your development machine. It allows you to install, switch, and manage different versions of Node.js effortlessly. NVM enables you to work on projects that require specific Node.js versions without conflicts. It provides flexibility and ensures compatibility across different projects, making it easier to test and maintain your Node.js applications.

These six Node.js tools—Nodemon, ESLint, PM2, Prettier, Winston, and NVM—can significantly enhance your development experience and make you a better Node.js developer. 

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