6 Negative Habits that are making you feel low


Putting off important tasks or responsibilities can lead to a sense of guilt, increased stress, and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Negative self-talk

Constantly engaging in self-criticism, self-doubt, or negative thoughts about oneself can significantly impact mood and self-esteem.


Setting unrealistic standards and constantly striving for perfection can lead to feelings of failure, disappointment, and frustration.

Lack of exercise

Physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining good mental health. Not engaging in regular exercise can lead to low energy levels, decreased motivation, and a negative impact on overall well-being.

Excessive social media use

Spending excessive time on social media platforms can contribute to feelings of comparison, jealousy, and low self-worth. It can also lead to a decrease in real-life social interactions, which are important for emotional well-being.

Poor sleep habits

Consistently getting inadequate or poor-quality sleep can have a significant impact on mood, energy levels, and overall mental health. Lack of sleep can contribute to feelings of irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

By identifying and addressing these negative habits, it's possible to improve overall well-being and work towards feeling better.

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