7 Best Online Platforms to Learn Programming Languages

Here are the 7 best online platforms to learn programming languages in 2023:


Codecademy is a popular choice for beginners, offering interactive tutorials on a variety of programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Coursera and edX

Coursera and edX are online learning platforms that offer courses from top universities and institutions around the world. They offer a wide range of programming courses, from introductory to advanced levels.


Udemy is a marketplace for online courses, including programming courses on a variety of languages and topics. Udemy courses are typically created by individual instructors, and the quality can vary.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free educational resources, including programming tutorials for beginners.


 Pluralsight is a subscription-based online learning platform that offers courses on a variety of technical topics, including programming. Pluralsight courses are typically taught by experienced professionals.


HackerRank is a coding challenge platform that offers practice problems in a variety of programming languages. HackerRank is a good way to test your coding skills and prepare for job interviews.


freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that offers free programming tutorials and challenges. freeCodeCamp also has a community of learners and mentors who can help you on your coding journey.

When choosing a platform to learn programming, it is important to consider your learning style, budget, and the language(s) you want to learn. If you are a beginner, I recommend starting with Codecademy or Khan Academy. These platforms offer free, interactive tutorials that are easy to follow. If you are looking for a more comprehensive learning experience, I recommend Coursera, edX, or Pluralsight. These platforms offer courses from top universities and experienced professionals.

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