7 Reasons Kubernetes Is Important for DevOps


Kubernetes allows for easy scaling of applications, both horizontally and vertically, to accommodate changing workloads and user demand.

High Availability

Kubernetes provides built-in support for self-healing, automatic failover and disaster recovery, ensuring high availability for applications.


Kubernetes provides a consistent environment for deploying and running applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.


Kubernetes automates many of the tasks required for deploying, scaling and managing containerized applications, reducing the need for manual intervention.


Kubernetes can be used to deploy a wide range of application types, including stateless and stateful applications, and can run on a variety of infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.


Kubernetes provides a number of built-in security features, such as role-based access control and network segmentation, to help protect applications and data.


Kubernetes enables the orchestration of containers and microservices, making it easier to manage and coordinate the different components of an application in a distributed environment.

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