8 FREE design websites that should be illegal to know

There are more than thousands of websites that provide design service either for FREE and premium, but in this article I’m going to share with you some of the great design websites that provide paid design services for absolutely FREE.



3dicons is a set of beautifully crafted open-source 3D icons that have been created in Blender and made available for FREE to the community. This website provides 3D icons for 100% FREE that you will be able to use it in your next project or maybe portfolio to make it more shiny.



I want to be 100% honest on this one, Storyset is a log gem on the internet for Frontend developers or Designers who want to design their dream website or project MORE ATTRACTIVE and beautiful. This website provides awesome and customizable illustrations for 100% FREE.



Shapefest is DOPE!! You won’t believe that this website provides all the cool 3D objects for FREE, Shapefest is full of 3D objects as 3D icons, 3D icons, 3D geometry objects, 3D text chars and a lot more for FREE



If you struggle to find mobile UI design, this website is for you. Screenlane lets you access the latest mobile design inspirations.



Lookupdesign lets you Find design inspiration just by searching, you can find and search for any design components, pages, typographies and more



To find out the best resources for yourself as a Frontend developer to design a webpage, DesignJunction is what you need to discover to find quality FREE resources.



Don’t just rely on “lorem ipsum” dummy text, Microcopy is one of the life-saving website for me, if you struggle to find a heading, motivational, dummy sentences to match your project you’re building, you can simply open this website and copy your favorite sentence by a single click!



As the says, by using Remove.bg you can remove the background of any image effortlessly, you don’t need to pass all that painfull steps on Photoshop to remove the background. Simply drag your image and done.