Apple Adds a New Feature to the Action Button in iOS 17.2

Yes, Apple has added a new feature to the Action Button in iOS 17.2: Translate. This feature allows users to quickly and easily translate text from one language to another, without having to open the Translate app.

To use the Translate feature, users simply need to select the text they want to translate, tap the Action Button, and select "Translate." The Action Button will then display a translation of the text in the Dynamic Island. The Translate feature is currently only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it is expected to be rolled out to other iPhone models in future updates.

Benefits of using the Translate feature on the Action Button:

The Translate feature provides a quick and easy way to translate text, without having to open the Translate app.


The Translate feature uses Apple Neural Engine to provide accurate translations for a wide range of languages.


The Translate feature is context-aware, and can translate text in different ways depending on the context. For example, it can translate the phrase "I'm hungry" as "Tengo hambre" in Spanish, or as "J'ai faim" in French, depending on the language of the device.


The Translate feature can be used to translate text in a variety of contexts, such as translating signs, menus, and website content.


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