Basic Python Programming Fundamentals



This section gives a brief overview of Python.

Jupyter Notebook

This section introduces the interpreter for Python and how Jupyter Notebook works.

Variables and Data Types

This chapter includes all the data types available in Python and how to declare variables of these types.


This chapter explains various operators Python programming has…


This chapter demonstrates four tokens of Python.


This chapter gives a brief overview of Python strings.

Python Data Structures

This chapter emphasizes basic Python data structures – tuple, list, set, and dictionary.

Conditional Statements

This chapter demonstrates the conditional statements supported by Python.

Looping Statements

This chapter demonstrates the loops in Python.


This chapter involves the understanding of the function and how it works and how the function is created in Python.

Python Object-Oriented Programming

From this chapter oop concepts of Python begin, starting with the introduction here.

Python Class

This chapter extends into three videos explaining how to create a class, how to add parameters to the class, and how a class is created with the constructor.


This chapter introduces inheritance in Python programming with real-world examples. The later chapter explains the types of inheritances supported by Python.