Build a data science portfolio as you learn Python


These projects should include work with several different datasets, and each should share interesting insights that you discovered. 

Here are some types of projects to consider:

1. Data Cleaning Project 2. Data Visualization Project 3. Machine Learning Project

Data Cleaning Project

Any project that involves dirty or unstructured data that you clean up and analyze will impress potential employers, since most real-world data requires cleaning.

Data Visualization Project

Making attractive, easy-to-read visualizations is both a programming and a design challenge, but if you can do it well, your analysis will be considerably more useful. Having great-looking charts in a project will make your portfolio stand out.

Machine Learning Project

If you aspire to work as a data scientist, you will definitely need a project that shows off your ML skills. You may want a few different machine learning projects, with each focused on a different algorithm.