ChatGPT tips and tricks: Earn money using the free version of chatbot

Earn money via ChatGPT Here are some quick ways to make money using ChatGPT for free!

Create a Blog You can ask the AI chatbot to create an article on a trending topic for like 1000 words. If you are consistent enough, you will start making money in almost 6-8 months

Content Editing You can start your content editing paid service where you can use ChatGPT to do the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax

Become a Paid Online Tutor Become an online tutor with ChatGPT by answering questions put up by students. You can create tutorials as well like 'How to use a potentiometer lab equipment'

Social Media Manager You can turn ChatGPT into a social media manager as it can write you a marketing campaign, captions and suggest formats in which one should post their content

Writing Comics While ChatGPT still can’t draw, it can always provide you with ideas to write a comic on a superhero or any trending topic that readers would want to read about

Create an App or Tool You can use ChatGPT to create an app or tool and then make it chargeable. For instance: a house hunting app or a simple pdf converter. However, you need to make it unique

Research Assistant You can use it for research and then charge clients for the data. However, you cannot fully rely on it when it comes to factual accuracy, so you will need to do your due diligence

Market your services You can promote your own product online. ChatGPT can help you with keywords, tips on how, when and where you can market it. It will also tell you your target audience

A paid translator ChatGPT can help you translate content from one language to another like documents, websites or other form of content. This can be a paid service as well

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