ChatGPT Vs Bard AI - Top 10 Facts

Bard AI is a rule-based AI model, while ChatGPT is a transformer-based AI model.

1. AI model

Bard AI is designed for specific tasks such as sentiment analysis, while ChatGPT is designed for more general language processing tasks.

2. Purpose

Bard will take the updated information available on the internet While Chat GPT’s knowledge is limited to the events till 2021.

3. Training Data

ChatGPT is capable of generating much more human-like responses compared to Bard AI.

4. Performance

ChatGPT is slower compared to Bard AI due to its complex architecture.

5. Speed

Bard AI is easier to customize for specific applications, while ChatGPT requires more expertise to fine-tune.

6. Customization

Bard AI only has predefined outputs, while ChatGPT generates outputs based on the input text.

7. Predefined outputs

ChatGPT is better at generalizing to new situations compared to Bard AI.

8. Generalization

ChatGPT is more versatile and can be applied to a wider range of tasks compared to Bard AI.

9. Versatility

Bard AI has limitations in handling complex tasks, while ChatGPT may suffer from generating irrelevant or biased outputs.

10. Limitations

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