Configure your Jenkinsfile

In this configuration, We are configuring a plugin in options at the top, which will notify about failure and success result at the end of the pipeline

This will notify channel for listed statuses

notifyFailure – Notify if current build has failed notifyRepeatedFailure – Notify if 2 or more consecutive builds have failed notifySuccess – Notify if current build is successful notifyBackToNormal – Notify if after failed builds, current build got successful notifyAborted – Notify if build is aborted by user

We have selected “true” for all the above status codes, thus channel will be notified if any of this happens, if you put “false” there, then it won’t be notified

As we are mentioning it at option at the top, without any condition, this rule will apply to all the stages in the multi-stage pipeline for all branches.

You can also add it for a particular stage and not for the full pipeline.

– Configure it as below

Here, you will be notified when this stage is Successful”, you can have failure and aborted status as well

Thank You