DevOps Implementation Roadmap:  6 Must-follow Steps

Every company needs IT solutions that enable faster product development, more efficient delivery of applications and services, and timely marketing to gain a competitive advantage.

DevOps consultancy services appear to be the best option for all such requirements. So, how can you implement DevOps successfully?

1. Introduce DevOps Initiative in order to make changes in development and operations activities.

2. Build DevOps Strategy, set a common goal, and design new ways to provision infrastructure, develop, and test apps.

3. Implement Containerization using tools like Docker to independently run individual parts of the software.

4. Integrate Infrastructure with CI/CD Tools like Chef and Ansible to address configuration management concerns and effective deployment.

5. Conduct More Test Automation and Align the QA-Dev team for early bug detection and address post-release issues.

6. Ensure App Performance Monitoring to detect, prioritize and isolate app defects, their root causes, run time errors, and other issues.

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