Difference between SRE and DevOps

What is SRE (Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)?

An approach to IT operations that emphasizes automating infrastructure, monitoring system performance, & preventing & resolving incidents to maintain systems reliability.

Benefits of SRE

- Reduce downtime - Reduce risk  - Improve performance - Improve security

What is DevOps?

A software development methodology emphasizing automation in deployment & software maintenance. Also, focus on rapid iteration, continuous integration, & iterative deployment.

Benefits of DevOps

- Reduce costs - Increase efficiency  - Improve quality  - Reduce human error

Comparison based on Automation

- SRE automates tasks to find and fix issues before software release. - DevOps automates tasks to improve organizational functioning.

Comparison based on Approaches

- SRE is a reactive approach, focused on mitigating and responding to incidents. - DevOps is a proactive approach that emphasizes prevention and continuous improvement.

Comparison based on Responsibilities

- The SRE team handles infrastructure issues and reports to the Core development team. - DevOps engineers debug code for reported bugs in the final product.

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