Future of devOps in 2023

The future of DevOps in 2023 is likely to see a continued focus on automation and scalability. Some of the key trends and developments that are expected to shape the future of DevOps include:

With more and more companies migrating to the cloud, there will be an increased focus on building cloud-native architectures that are designed to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

Cloud-native architectures

DevOps teams will increasingly turn to AI and machine learning to automate tasks and make better decisions. For example, using AI for predicting and preventing outages, or for automatically scaling resources based on usage patterns.

AI and machine learning

Containers and Kubernetes will continue to be widely adopted as a way to package, deploy, and manage applications in a consistent and scalable way.

Containers and Kubernetes

GitOps is a way to manage infrastructure and applications using Git as the source of truth. This approach will become more popular because it allows for better collaboration, traceability and security.


With the increasing number of cyber attacks, security will become a top priority for DevOps teams, and they will need to implement security measures at every stage of the development and deployment process.


Serverless computing will become more popular as it allows for cost-effective and scalable deployment of microservices.

Serverless Computing

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment(CI/CD) pipeline will become more sophisticated and will allow teams to deliver features faster and with more confidence.


The increasing adoption of digital technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and 5G will drive the need for DevOps teams to support the development and deployment of these technologies.

Digital transformation

Overall, the future of DevOps in 2023 is likely to be shaped by the need for automation, scalability, security, and the ability to adapt to new technologies and digital transformations.

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