How to buy XAI Corp

Binance is continuously reviewing and adding cryptocurrencies, but XAI Corp is not currently listed on Binance.

To buy XAI Corp, you can follow these steps to connect your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX) using your Binance account as the base currency.

Download Trust Wallet, a popular crypto wallet within the Ethereum network, from the official website or app store.

Set up and register your Trust Wallet, ensuring you keep your seed phrase and wallet address safe.

 Purchase Ethereum (ETH) as your base currency on Binance's Buy & Sell crypto webpage.

Send the purchased Ethereum from your Binance wallet to your Trust Wallet using the provided wallet address.

Choose a DEX that supports Trust Wallet, such as 1inch, to make the transaction.

Connect your Trust Wallet to the chosen DEX using your wallet address.

Trade your Ethereum for XAI Corp by selecting Ethereum as the payment and XAI Corp as the desired coin.

 If XAI Corp is not listed, find its smart contract address on and copy it into the DEX platform (e.g., 1inch).

– Verify the contract address to avoid scams and ensure you have the correct one.

 Apply the swap on the DEX platform, confirming the transaction to acquire XAI Corp.

It's essential to exercise caution, verify the authenticity of platforms and contracts, and follow security best practices when conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

Thank you