How To Improve SEO

So many factors impact SEO performance that there are countless different threads to be pulled on. How do you know where to focus your time and effort to significantly impact your KPIs and demonstrate progress? Here are a few tips and strategies to prioritize first.

Structuring Your SEO Strategy

Every project you include in your SEO strategy should have a clear outcome. There’s a useful framework that I like to call “PIE,” which stands for Protect, Improve, and Expand


In pursuit of quick results, your first instinct may be to go after incremental visits immediately. However, ensuring you are taking precautions to protect your site’s performance is vital. That includes ensuring the technical foundation of your site is sound and ensuring you know which keywords and pages drive significant organic traffic to your site.


There will almost certainly be keywords your site has relevant content for already, but these pages don’t yet rank in a position that drives traffic. Before you invest in creating new content, optimizing these pages to rank higher will help you capture this search interest and increase page visits, often with much less effort.


Expanding your site’s content to drive more site visits is the final stage your strategy should cover. This involves identifying searches your site could rank for with new content and creating content optimized for those terms.

Strategies To Protect Your SEO Performance

Neglecting to pay attention to the technical health of your site is like building a house on shoddy foundations. It doesn’t matter how impressive you make it; the whole thing could crumble at any second.

Understand Your Most Valuable Content

When it comes to preserving the SEO value of your site, you will need to identify the top traffic-driving terms and pages for your site. This data is available via Google Search Console and will help you monitor traffic changes.

Pinpoint Keyword Rankings With Room To Improve

When identifying high-potential keywords to optimize for, there are two main factors to consider: - The monthly search volume of the terms. - The current ranking position of your content.

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