How To Start Your Career In Artificial Intelligence?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is famous for its Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This online program is designed for people with a computer science or related background. It consists of a 12-week online course that is completed at your own pace.


As one of the leading developers of artificial intelligence technologies, it’s no surprise that Google is also a major player in providing education for AI. The company offers multiple courses on AI topics through its free online learning platform called “Google AI.” You’ll receive a certification or a specialization when you complete the courses.

Google AI

You'll need to prove your human intelligence by getting the necessary education. In most cases, you'll need a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in artificial intelligence or a related field. Related fields include computer science or data science.

Getting an AI Education: Essential Skills

You might consider becoming a researcher if you want to focus on real-world problems. Think of healthcare or environmental issues. Researchers work at universities, labs, and companies to investigate applications of AI in various industries.


Business analysts and engineers can produce massive data from day-to-day operations. Data scientists are responsible for analyzing and extracting useful insights from this data. Of course, AI does a lot of the legwork for data scientists. Algorithms can automatically extract and organize important information, such as trends or patterns.

Data Scientist

Machine learning engineers are responsible for designing and building machine learning systems. They use programming languages and tools like Python, MATLAB, or R to build models that can learn from data and predict future events.

Machine Learning Engineer

In the business world, businesses need to make decisions based on data. Business intelligence developers use machine learning tools like SAS, SQL, and Excel. They analyze large datasets for insights that can help inform crucial business decisions.

Business Intelligence Developer

While AI is complex enough for laymen, most AI systems are packaged and delivered as software products. As a result, software engineers play a key role in developing AI products.

Software Engineer

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