If you use Bluetooth beware of these 4 dangerous apps

Bluetooth is now the standard connection for connecting smartphones to many accessories, primarily wireless headphones . For this reason, many users install apps to make managing connected devices more convenient, configuring the connection or to have other additional functions that standard Android does not have.

Dangerous Bluetooth apps

– Bluetooth Auto Connect – Drivers: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB – Bluetooth App Sender – Mobile transfers: smart switches

They are all apps to manage the Bluetooth connection. The first of the four has already reached and exceeded one million downloads while the others, together, reach around 100,000 installations.

They begin to behave like real malware: they open websites in the background to click on ads and open other dangerous phishing sites in full screen .

Infected Bluetooth apps: How to protect yourself

Google usually removes infected apps from the Play Store after reports from cyber security companies and this is enough to disable the apps even from the smartphones on which they have been installed.

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