Interesting Blockchain Technology Projects

It'll be beneficial for startups. It Will Help The Angel Investors To Track The Money. It Will Reduce The Chances Of Fraud.

1. Crowdfunding with Smart Contracts

Get Complete Details Of The Packages And Not Just Main Landmark. Helpful In Airline Business - It Will Reduce The Chances Of Losing Baggages. You Will Get Reliable Services.

2. Tracking The Exact Location Of The Shipment And Its Route

It Will Be Convenient For The Users. You Can Improve Your Cab Experience. No Requirement Of The Intermediate.

3. Understanding The Peer To Peer Ridesharing

The Customer Will be Able To Identify Between Fake And Real Products. The Blockchain Technology Will Use 2D Bar Code. Authenticity Of The Brands Will Increase.

4. Identification System For Fake Products In The Market

No one can tamper with the results of the voting system. It will bring transparency in the voting system. The cyberattackers will not have any opportunity to break into the system.

5. Blockchain Technology Incorporated In The Voting System

You can see an improvement in the functioning of the charity system. People can track their money and know that it has been out to a good use. Genuine charity programs will get the required help.

6. Transparent and Genuine Charity Application

There will be a reduction in the server downtime. Blockchain will eliminate overloading issues.

7. Have A Full-Fledged Decentralised Web Hosting System

You can provide maximum disk space to each and every user. You will understand the usage of the blockchain registry. You will just need high speed internet connection.

8. Renting Disk Space System For Users

Enhanced flexibility of the loyalty points. Customers can share it with their friends and family. The customers can use the loyalty points for various other purposes.

9. Loyalty Points Exchange System

The food tracking system will help you reach to the actual source. Customers will get a reliable and trustworthy system. There will be a drastic change in the retail world.

10. Trackback Your Food To Its Source

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