New Google Features Powered By Bard And AI

Google has launched a new AI-powered chatbot named Bard to improve the conversational experience in search powered by AI.

Google Launches AI Chatbot Bard  As per an official blog by Google, the company reoriented their products around AI technology to organise the world's information and make it accessible and useful. The launch of Google Bard, an AI chatbot, is one of the first steps in this direction. 

What Is Google’s Bard?  Bard is a chatbot that uses the LaMDA language model as its basis for knowledge and is connected to the web to access updated information. Bard can respond to questions in a conversational manner and can handle detailed questions like writing essays and programming examples. 

Testers Get Lucky First  Google is releasing Bard in a testing phase, with access restricted to "trusted testers" and will be available to the general public soon. Google is also planning to integrate Bard into their search engine. 

Bard Can Answer Simple Or Complex Queries  Bard can answer easy questions like when a magazine was launched and more abstract and open-ended questions like which instrument is easier to learn. Bard draws data from its LaMDA, the web and can sort through vast data to provide multiple answers and easy-to-digest snippets. 

A Modern Chatbot With A Major Advantage  Bard is similar in its idea of engaging in conversation to solve queries and questions to other AI chatbots. ChatGPT is the most advanced chatbot, but it is limited in its data capacity. Bard has an advantage over ChatGPT and other chatbots by accessing the web for updated information. 

Completely Accurate? Not Always  The reliability of Bard's AI-powered search queries may be sometimes doubtful as it does not cite its source and gathers data from the web. However, it is an improvement over other AI chatbots and has the potential to be a very helpful AI tool. 

Google Search Gets Advanced  Bard will be initially released with a lightweight version of LaMDA. More AI technologies such as LaMDA, PaLM, Imagen, and MusicLM are being integrated into Google products, starting with search, to deepen understanding of information and provide useful knowledge. 

Search Results Improved With AI  Google has revealed through their official blog that their search results will be improved using ‘generative AI’ and users will be able to ask complex questions and get detailed answers like writing an essay or a poem. 

Google Maps Enhanced By AI  Moreover, Google is also using AI to enhance the experience of Google Maps by rolling out the ‘Immersive View’ feature that will be released for all locations in the near future. Google Maps will also get some AI-powered augmented reality (AR) features. 

Google Lens Updated With AI  Google Lens is a powerful tool used by tens of millions of scan their surrounding and get information, translations, etc. Now, AI will also be used to enhance and augment the results of Google Lens searches to provide more relevant and detailed results. 

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