Top 10 DevOps tools in 2023

In today’s technology world, DevOps is a must-have requirement for all IT companies. DevOps is a mindset that is growing in people and the company’s mindset. DevOps bridge the gap between Development and Operation teams and rather make them work as one.

Top 10 DevOps tools in 2022


Docker provides containerization. Docker allows you to package your entire code with runtime config and ship it to any environment irrespective of the operating system. Looking at the benefits Docker provides, I’d mark it as a top DevOps tool that every DevOps should know


Source code management is the default requirement for any organization nowadays. Source control management tools allow you to have a replica of your code in the cloud,.

ELK Stack

ELK – Elastic Search, Log stash, and Kibana is a toolset where you can store logs in elastic search, operate them using log stash, and visualize them using Kibana.


Nagios is a monitoring tool for your infrastructure, With Nagios, you can monitor the performance of your servers. You can also create custom alarms if you want to get notified when usage goes beyond certain limits.


Containerization usage is at its peak in the current era. In this, if you have too many containers to deploy, with respect to your microservice architecture implementation, then it’s difficult to manage all those containers by human intervention.


Ansible is one of the most used IT configuration management tools out there. Ansible is simple to use, and you can manage as many machines and their configuration as needed at once


Slack is one of the most used tools for communication among IT teams, but Slack is much more than just communicating with your teammates.


Prometheus is also an open-source time series-based database and monitoring tool that can help you have precise visualization and monitoring functionality for your infrastructure as well as application.


Have you ever heard of configuration as code? Then you might also have heard of infrastructure as a code. Terraform provides functionality for Infrastructure as a code.

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