Top 10 Scripting Languages Useful for DevOps Professionals in 2023

DevOps has grown in popularity and has spawned its own set of scripting languages as a result of the clear advantages it offers businesses. The following are the top scripting languages useful for DevOps professionals.

1. Microsoft PowerShell

The ideal programming language to use if the majority of your internal systems are powered by Windows is PowerShell, which has a scripting language known as “cmdlets.”

2. Puppet

The programming language jack of all trades is the puppet. Your system’s proprietary script language is used to build automation and manage scripts. Because Puppet is an open-source configuration management solution, many organizations also utilize it.

3. PHP

PHP takes care of your internal system from the very beginning to implementation. It is widely used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is an option for DevOps if you want to use a programming language for general coding.

4. Perl

Perl is somewhat on the application development side of things because DevOps combines software development and IT operations. Inside the system, Perl is renowned for its proficiency in managing text and text codes. Perl is a programming language that may be used to quickly handle the specifics of codes in larger projects.

5. Java

Java is the most widely used and most popular programming language available today due to its flexibility and strength. One of the first programming languages a developer encounters is this one. It does the task, albeit not going as deeply as other languages.

6. C

C stands out from the competition because it is more than simply a computer language. It translates to the ability to execute routines and subroutines to create a program. Along with the hardware itself, it may manage the APIs and SDKs.

7. Ruby

Ruby is a complete programming language that lets you deal with controllers and frameworks. Because of its strength, it was used to create Ruby on Rails. Today’s complicated apps, databases, and web pages all function thanks to Ruby on Rails.

8. Tcl

Because it combines the industrial Internet of Things with application deployment automation, Tcl ups the stake (IoT). Tcl is the ideal programming language for you if you feel the necessity for your internal system to be uniform from top to bottom (testing, automation, IoT).

9. Javascript

This programming language, which should not be confused with Java, began as a tool for creating apps. Like HTML, it is most often used in browsers, although over time, it has made significant advancements in terms of server-side implementations in virtual machines.

10. SQL

Knowing a programming language like Structured Query Language is crucial for dealing with the industry’s abundance of data. It excels at managing database activities and queries. By understanding how SQL functions, you can even defend against internal attacks.

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