Top 10 weirdest jobs in the world

Professional Mermaid

Performs as a mermaid character for entertainment purposes at events, parties, and aquariums.

Professional Snuggler

Provides cuddling services to clients seeking physical affection and emotional support.

Pet Food Tester

Tastes and evaluates the quality of pet food products before they are marketed and sold.

Professional Bed Tester

Gets paid to sleep in different beds and rate their comfort for mattress companies.

Professional Mourner

Hired to attend funerals and mourn as a paid participant to enhance the funeral atmosphere.

Face Feeler

Evaluates the texture, effectiveness, and comfort of skincare and beauty products by feeling people's faces.

Odor Judge

Assesses and rates the effectiveness of deodorants, perfumes, and other fragrances.

Snake Milker

Extracts venom from snakes for antivenom production and medical research.

Chicken Sexer

Determines the gender of chicks for the poultry industry by examining their feathers and vents.

Golf Ball Diver

Retrieves golf balls from water hazards on golf courses and sells them back to golfers.

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