Top 5 Growth Mindsets

The Growth Mindsets, which was created by Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck, is the conviction that one may develop intelligence and skills over time by using the right strategy.

* I can learn any skill with practice. * Challenges are footstools for success. * Criticisms make me better. * Mistakes make me grow  wiser. * New and different ideas inspire me.

Growth Mindset:

* I’m either good or not good at something. * Challenges are roadblocks to success. * Criticisms make my letter. * Mistakes make me stop   trying. * New and different ideas   throw me. Off guard.

Fixed Mindsets:

Top 5 Growth Mindsets

1. Acknowledge Weakness. 2. Use Criticism to Better your Company.

3. Encourage a Diversified Workforce. 4. Incorporate Purpose with Profit-Making.

5. Make Leaders out of Your Employees.

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