Top 6 hardest coding language in the world

While the difficulty of coding languages can vary depending on individual perspectives and experiences, some programming languages are considered more challenging due to their complexity or steep learning curves. Here are six programming languages often regarded as more difficult:

Assembly Language

Assembly language is considered one of the most challenging languages as it requires a deep understanding of computer architecture and low-level programming. It involves writing code using mnemonic instructions that directly correspond to machine code instructions.


C++ is known for its complexity and vast range of features, including pointers, templates, and manual memory management. It requires a strong grasp of object-oriented programming concepts and can be challenging for beginners due to its steep learning curve.


Haskell is a functional programming language that emphasizes strong type systems and immutable data structures. Its abstract concepts and complex syntax make it a challenging language to master, particularly for developers coming from imperative programming backgrounds.


Rust is a systems-level programming language that focuses on memory safety, concurrency, and performance. It introduces unique concepts such as ownership, borrowing, and lifetimes, which can be difficult to grasp initially. Rust's strict compiler rules also contribute to its reputation as a challenging language.


Prolog is a logic programming language that operates on a different paradigm than most popular languages. It requires understanding and reasoning with logical constructs such as facts, rules, and queries, which can be challenging for programmers accustomed to imperative or object-oriented languages.


Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language designed to be minimalistic and challenging. It has a very limited set of commands and requires the programmer to think in a highly unconventional way. Although Brainfuck is not commonly used for practical purposes, it is often used in coding puzzles and challenges.

Remember, the difficulty of a programming language can also depend on personal experience, background, and familiarity with specific programming paradigms. What may be challenging for some may be relatively straightforward for others.

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