Top 7 Git Commands Every developer Should Know

Git is a powerful version control system used by developers to manage and track changes in their codebase. Here are seven fundamental Git commands that every developer should know:

git init

Initialize a new Git repository in your project's directory. This creates a hidden .git folder that will store all version control information.

git clone

Create a copy of a remote repository on your local machine. You provide the URL of the remote repository you want to clone.

git add

Stage changes for commit. This command allows you to specify which files or directories you want to include in the next commit.

git commit

Create a new commit with the changes that have been staged using git add. It's essential to include a meaningful commit message that describes the changes made.

git pull

Fetch changes from a remote repository and merge them into your current branch. This is useful to ensure your local branch is up-to-date with the remote branch.

git push

Send your local commits to a remote repository. This is how you share your changes with others or update the remote repository.

git branch

View, create, or delete branches. This command helps you manage different lines of development in your project.

1. List all branches: git branch 2. Create a new branch: git branch [new_branch_name] 3. Delete a branch (locally): git branch -d [branch_name] 4. Delete a branch (remotely): git push [remote_name] --delete [branch_name]

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