Top 8 Paid Open Source Programs To Apply To in 2023

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

GSoC is a renowned program that offers stipends to students to work on open-source projects under the mentorship of established organizations. It provides an excellent opportunity to gain real-world experience and get paid for contributing to open-source projects.


Outreachy is a paid internship program that focuses on bringing underrepresented groups into open-source communities. It offers internships with stipends to work on various open-source projects across different domains.

Red Hat Internship

Red Hat, a leading open-source software company, offers paid internships to students interested in contributing to their open-source projects. The program provides a valuable learning experience and exposure to the world of enterprise open-source software.

Microsoft Garage Internship

The Microsoft Garage Internship program provides opportunities to work on experimental projects and open-source initiatives. It offers a chance to collaborate with Microsoft engineers and contribute to innovative open-source projects.

Facebook Open Source Apprenticeship

Facebook's Open Source Apprenticeship program is a paid, full-time apprenticeship that allows participants to contribute to open-source projects within the Facebook ecosystem. It offers mentorship and hands-on experience in a highly regarded tech company.

JetBrains Research Internship

JetBrains, known for their popular development tools, offers a research internship program where participants can work on open-source projects related to programming languages, IDEs, and developer tools. The program provides a stipend and access to cutting-edge research opportunities.

Eclipse Season of Docs

Eclipse Season of Docs is a program that brings technical writers and open-source projects together. It offers paid stipends to technical writers to contribute documentation and improve the overall documentation quality of participating open-source projects.

Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Program

The Mozilla Open Source Support Program provides funding to open-source projects and initiatives. It supports various aspects of open-source development, including code development, community building, and software distribution.

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