What is SEO and Why it is important?

SEO is known as “Search Engine Optimization”. The main intend of SEO is  to increase traffic of the website through “organic” search engine  results like Google or Bing.

When redesigning your website, avoid these common SEO mistakes

SEO Mistake #1:

Not updating your content strategy

You must ensure that the content on website is right and relevant to  your audience which will help to increase organic traffic and increase  conversion rates.

SEO Mistake #2:

Ignoring Internal Linking

As part of SEO strategy, it is also important. By linking internally,  you can improve your website’s “link equity,” which measures how  valuable and important your links are to it.

SEO Mistake #3:

Over-Optimizing Your Content

making use of excessive keywords or using the same keywords again and  again in the content can mark your website as spam by Google and can  result in website getting banned and removed from search results.

SEO Mistake #4:

Failing to Use the Right Internal Linking Techniques

The wrong internal linking techniques are another common mistake done by  most of the website owners. Your website’s link equity and authority  can be improved with the help of internal linking techniques.

SEO Mistake #5:

Failing to Create a Video Strategy

Another mistakes done by website owners are failing to create a video strategy. There are chances of increasing your website’s organic traffic and conversion rate through video marketing.

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