Top 10 Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023 -

Top 10 Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023

Top 10 Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023

1: Google Bard

A neural language model developed by Google for generating text. Bard is Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot. It will work exactly like ChatGPT, that is, users will be able to use the chatbot through conversation. The new chatbot is based on Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Application. it is a lite-version of LaMDA. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Bard has just been introduced on a testing basis for only a few users. In Googleโ€™s Chatbot Bard, users will get to see the combination of power, intelligence and creativity.

2: Chatsonic

A chatbot platform that enables businesses to create and deploy conversational AI chatbots. ChatSonic is one of the latest tools released in the market following the ChatGPT craze. Being a mix of the best of Midjourney for Visual AI, ChatGPT for knowledge, and Jasper for AI writing, this chatbot and natural language processing (NLP) platform can understand and respond to any question.

3: Jasper Chat

A chatbot platform that provides a visual interface for building conversational experiences. Jasper Chat has a familiar design that’s accessible for everyone and easy to use. Interacting with artificial intelligence can feel difficult and overwhelming, but Jasper Chat’s conversational AI interface break down barriers between people and AI while keeping things simple and fun!

4: BERT by Google

A transformer-based language model that has set new state-of-the-art performance on a variety of NLP tasks. Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is a masked-language model published in 2018 by Jacob Devlin, Ming-Wei Chang, Kenton Lee, and Kristina Toutanova.

5: Character AI

A field of AI that focuses on creating artificial characters with personalities and abilities to interact with humans. (stylized as Character.AI, also known as Character AI) is a neural language model chatbot web application that can generate human-like text responses and participate in the contextual conversation.

6: YouChat

A conversational AI platform for customer service and support. YouChat is like any online search engine. The tool allows users to do basic online searches just like Google, but in a more conversational method. Users can also ask their queries from the chatbot.

7: DialoGPT

An AI language model developed by OpenAI for generating human-like conversation. DialoGPT is a large-scale pre-trained dialogue response generation model for multi-turn conversations. The model is trained on 147M multi-turn dialogues from Reddit discussion threads. According to Microsoft, their approach was to: Capture the joint distribution of source/prompt.

8: OpenAI Playground

A web-based interface for experimenting with OpenAI’s AI models. The OpenAI Playground lets you ask an AI bot to write nearly anything for you. You can ask the AI questions, start a conversation with it, use it to write short stories, and more. To use the Playground AI, you’ll need to make an account on OpenAI’s website.

9: Perplexity AI

A measure of how well a language model predicts the next word in a sequence, with lower perplexity indicating better performance. Perplexity Ask is a new search interface that uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, to provide direct answers to questions and summaries and citations for search results.

10: RoBERTa by Facebook

A transformer-based language model developed by Facebook, improved upon BERT and designed to deliver even better performance on a variety of NLP tasks. RoBERTa is a transformer-based language model that uses self-attention to process input sequences and generate contextualized representations of words in a sentence. One key difference between RoBERTa and BERT is that RoBERTa was trained on a much larger dataset and using a more effective training procedure.

Top 10 Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023 -

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