Coding vs Programming – A fine differentiation

Coding vs Programming

What is coding?

Coding is the process of translating human language to a machine-based one. Doing so provides instructions and information to the computer. It can be essentially considered a subset of programming because it requires applying the initial steps of programming. An intermediary language is used by coders to feed in the step-by-step actions the machine needs to take.

The level of difficulty depends on the programming language and coding requires a skillful approach.

What is programming?

When you think of software development, you may immediately think of coding. While it is definitely a part of programming, it is not the only part. When a product needs to be developed, there are several steps involved like planning, designing, developing, testing, deployment, and maintenance. The entire process involved in the project can be referred to as programming.

Difference Between Coding and Programming

DefinitionTranslation of natural language into a machine-level Program.Development of a fully functioning software
ScopeTranslating the requirement logic into machine codeAnalysis, conceptualization, implementation, compiling, debugging, and testing
SimplicityCoding is the initial step and it is easier than programmingProgramming is basically an advanced version of coding and other different approaches and hence, more complex
ToolsText-editors such as Wordpad or Notepad, IDE such as Eclipse, BootstrapCode editors, testing frameworks, linkers, GUI designers, compilers tools for analysis, code generators, database, data structure, assemblers, debuggers, and performance analysis tools
SkillsProgramming languages like C, Java, C#Writing complex programs, Analytical skills, data structures, and algorithms
ViewpointTrial-and-error approach with no previous planning or preparationsAn orderly approach and attention to minute details
OutcomeA functional codecode A software, an application, or a website
Community SupportStackoverflow, Github, Toptal, SAP Network depending on requirementsStackoverflow, Github, Toptal, SAP Network depending on requirements

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