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Get free $1000 credit from AWS for your Startup

Who doesn’t love free credits? Are you looking for AWS Credit promo code? But wait…. Free credits and promo codes are always with a catch…
What If I tell you, there’s no catch here and you are eligible to get $1000 AWS credit on your own from AWS. It’s true, AWS credits for startups is an initiative by AWS to give free AWS Credits to startups for their cloud needs. No need to search for fake and used promo codes when you can apply and get it directly from AWS. AWS credits for startups, is knows as AWS Activate, where you can get $1000 USD Credit from AWS for your startup idea’s cloud needs. Sounds exciting? Let’s get started and see what is it all about.

If you have any start-up idea in your mind and you want to implement it or you have already implemented it and want to scale more but are worried about server deployment charges, AWS Activate provides free $1000 USD AWS credits for your startup’s cloud needs

In this Blog, We will walk you through what AWS Activate is and How can you apply for the same

AWS Activate helps you scale and grow your business using AWS Cloud for your startups. Who doesn’t love free credits? Let’s get started and see how can we apply for the same

AWS Activate offers 2 plans

  1. Founders package
  2. Portfolio package

1. Founders package

Founders package offers $1000 USD AWS Credits for AWS Services such as EC2, RDS, S3, SES, Cloud front, and many more for 2 years in addition to $350 USD AWS Support Credits for AWS Support Plan for 1 year

If you are not associated with an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firm, or other startup-enabling organization, you are eligible to apply for AWS Activate Founders package

2. Portfolio package

With Portfolio package, you are eligible to get up to $1,00,000 USD free credits.

Portfolio package is for startups that are associated with an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firm, or other startup-enabling organization which are listed here

With portfolio package, you can get below-mentioned benefits

  • Up to $1,00,000 USD AWS Activate Credits
  • Business Support Plan up to $10,000 USD
  • Guidance, news tailored to your company
  • Opportunities to be featured on the AWS Startup Blog and to speak at AWS Summits and AWS re:Invent
  • Acceleration of user adoption through the Amazon network

In this Blog, we will see how to apply for Founders Package

  1. Log in to your AWS Account, If you don’t have AWS Account yet, sign up using this link

2. Now, go to Console and in services tab, Type `AWS Activate` and click on 1st link or find AWS Activate under Section “Customer Enablement”

AWS Credits AWS Activate
AWS Credit for startups using AWS Activate

3. Click on “Apply Now” button

AWS Credits AWS Activate

4. Under “Founders Section” Click on “Get Started”

AWS Credits AWS Activate

Now, It will ask you for which AWS Account you want to apply this credit for. Tick that box and apply credit for same AWS Account

AWS Credits AWS Activate

5. Enter Following Details

  1. Company Name
  2. Company HQ Location
  3. State
  4. Country
  5. Zip Code
  6. Company’s website (optional)
  7. Company’s profile page (i.e. Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business page, Crunchbase, AngelList, Product Hunt, etc.
  8. Tell us what you are building (Product summary) (Min 30 – Max 250 Characters allowed)
    Note: Here, you need to tell AWS About your product in max 250 characters, make sure you write tiny and necessary details only.
  9. Company foundation Date
  10. The company belongs to which industry
  11. Who are the target customers?
  12. How many employees do you have?
  13. Company’s current valuation (optional)
  14. Company’s current product stage (Ideating/Building, Launched initial product, scaling)
  15. How much do you plan to spend on marketing annually? – optional
  16. How do (will) customers interact with your product? (Web, App, Hardware, etc.)
  17. Does your product use AI and machine learning technologies?
  18. What percentage of your cloud spend is on AWS?
  19. What are the top three ways AWS Activate can help you?
  20. Which AWS tech topics would you like to follow?
AWS Credits AWS Activate

6. You will need to add your personal Details

Provide your

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. What is your current role?
  6. How long have you been using AWS?
  7. What is your LinkedIn profile? (Enter your personal LinkedIn Profile)
  8. Are you a founder of your startup?
  9. Add Co-founders
AWS Credits AWS Activate

Now, Click on “Submit Application

AWS will now review your request and if they approve it, you are eligible to get fix $1000 USD credit to use on AWS for 2 years. AWS will also provide $350 USD credit to use with the AWS Support Developer plan where you can ask AWS experts about your queries and they can help you set up your resources on AWS easily

After Successful Submission, if you are approved to get credits, they will notify you in 4 to 15 business days. AWS will drop you an email regarding the same

To get AWS Credits, make sure you provide the right and details information, that way you are more likely to get AWS Credits.

For Hands on tutorial on How to get free $1000 AWS Credit from AWS, See this video

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December 27, 2020



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