How to launch AWS RDS for MySQL

What is RDS?

  • RDS is Relational Database Service provided by AWS
  • With RDS, You can launch AWS managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. databases
  • AWS RDS has one more Database type called “Aurora” which is AWS optimized best performance
  • AWS provides “db.t2.micro” instance type in the free tier for 1 year
  • AWS RDS provides “Read Replica” which is copy of your main database and is only “ReadOnly”
  • AWS RDS also provides automatic backup for your databases which can be retained for 35 days maximum
  • Last year, AWS has launched “Storage Auto Scaling” for AWS RDS. In which if your database’s storage is greater than a certain threshold, it will be automatically increased by AWS and you can save your application downtime due to database failure

Here’s a hands-on detailed video that can help you launch AWS RDS instance in less than 10 minutes

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Drafted on: 5th September 2020
By Identical Cloud


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